martedì 24 gennaio 2012

Telenovelas Ellenica: puntata n. 2930

Colpo di scena nella Telenovelas Ellenica!
Durante la puntata n. 2929 sembrava che il deal sull'haircut fosse ad un passo dall'essere concluso.
Ed invece niente di fatto.
Pare, dico pare...che sia stato tutto rimandato al 13 febbraio.
Insomma ci saranno ancora parecchie puntate da godersi (si fa per dire...)....a meno che tra 5 minuti non arrivi un altro colpo di scena...
Greece debt talks rumble on, as economic data returns to the fore
January 24, 2012 - 06:43
Markets continue to be quite sanguine for now about the slow progress of the Greek PSI debt talks. It now appears that any deal might not be concluded until 13th February, despite Greek finance minister Venizelos insistence at the end of last week that a deal was in its final phase.

It would appear that last nights rejection by European finance ministers of the private creditors so called line in the sand of a 65%-70% haircut, and a 4% coupon hasn’t really impacted sentiment that much. EU officials want the creditors to accept a coupon of 3.5% on their exchanged 30 year Greek bonds.
With this issue unresolved the latest talks about a second Greek bailout are also unlikely to make much progress either, given that the two are contingent on each other......